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Tissot’s high-performance and high-quality long-term multi-party recognition

Tissot’s high-performance and high-quality long-term multi-party recognition, it served as the world motorcycle championship MotoGPTM, FIM World Super Motorcycle, FIBA FIBA, the Australian Football Federation AFL, RBS Six Rugby Championships and the Bicycle, Fencing and Ice Hockey World Championship The official designation timing and partner. In 1999, Tissot first touch screen watch T-touch was born, open the traditional watch industry touch screen technology a new era. Here we introduce you to Tissot T41.1.483.53 how to identify the authenticity!
Tissot T41.1.483.53 how to identify the authenticity!
Tissot T41.1.483.53
From the Tissot T41.1.483.53 watch the appearance of view: authentic watch dial, back cover of the shuttle mark and Tissot brand handwriting clear and complete; dial on the number of drill and the actual number of drill within the heart; Shell with the material consistent imitation Cartier love jewelry ; table glass smooth and clear; case components outside the edges and corners without sharp sense; no bubbles bubble, do not fall off. Fake Tissot table dial, back cover Tissot trademark and Tissot brand writing fuzzy; dial marked with the number of drill the actual number of drill within the drill; case components outside the rough edges and corners, with coating bubbles, shedding or accessories broken phenomenon.
From the Tissot T41.1.483.53 watch movement point of view: genuine Tissot watch the heart of the folder or pendulum thrown on the thrown marked with Tissot trademark signs words; movement in the case of solid components; Counterfeit Tissot watch the heart of the plywood or put thallium without Tissot trademark signs words, or Tissot trademark signs handwriting rough, fuzzy, skew, or simply paste with a small copper; heart is not clean, some movement of copper Chip, hair, fingerprints and so on.
At present, the Trademark Office around the large number of shopping malls and better reputation of the collective, individual stores operating Tissot table, have to carry out batch inspection, inspection of qualified certificates issued, and a laser security signs.
Rolex Blackwater Ghost is one of the classic Rolex watches, the table has also appeared in the film 007. To the audience friends left a deep impression! However, in the market Rolex black water ghost fake everywhere. The following watch home to bring you Rolex black water ghost true and false contrast it!
Rolex black water ghost true and false contrast, a simple identification of black water ghosts true and false!
Luminous function comparison
Through the comparison of luminous can be seen between the real table and the difference between false forms. You can directly see the two luminous is not very poor, but the details are not in place. Brightness is nothing less than really black water ghosts. Seriously distinguish or be able to distinguish at a glance.
Calendar window contrast
Through the above calendar window analysis can be seen, black water ghost really table calendar window with a blue film processing technology, which reflects the true table for every detail of the refinement. While the false watch often overlooks this detail, the right side of the two Replica Cartier jewelry false statements is clearly visible and no blue film processing. If you can not see the watch side has come to see, true and false can be seen at a glance.
Watch head contrast
The head is to adjust the time and date of the shaft, the details of the work that is the most test of the level of technology. Rolex Blackwater Ghost Table is not only gear carved deep, but polished smooth and full. And false table false table in order to reduce costs, open mold casting will not be so big under the blood, are generally looking for an existing mold to the second re-engraved, and then open casting. Over time, the head will disappear more and more professional sense, become more rough unbearable, discerning eye can immediately see a true and false.
Comparison of ceramic lanterns
Ceramic lanterns are one of the easiest to distinguish and the easiest place to ignore. Real Rolex Blackwater Ghost This detail deals with almost perfect, and the luminous spot will be unbiased just in the center of the inverted triangle. And false form generally do not mind to do so all, can do this is almost impossible. The right side of the false table is a night out too much directly beyond the inverted triangle of the region, one is simply not the night into the inverted triangle of the center. What is true and false, one can see.
Le Méridien is an internationally renowned watch brand. Its brand center set up in Germany, now all over the world have sales! Amy watches since entering Hong Kong, China, much attention. Of course, this also provides opportunities for fakes. The following watch home to give you how to identify the beauty of the table!
Amy table how to distinguish between true and false
One, look at the process
Amy table is one of the few independent Swiss watch factory, not only in Germany in the high-end watch market in a stable position, but also in the United States is also very popular.
Amy table has been known for its original design, and now still produce their own case, which is a lot of Swiss watch factory is very rare. Amy table production facilities in Switzerland, including the case manufacturing plant and assembly workshop, especially the case manufacturing workshop for the american table provides a complete set of production processes, from the most original stage of the case design to the final grinding process, By the Amy watch factory to manage and control.
In addition, Amy also through the introduction of advanced computer production machines to improve the quality of the watch from , without having to order out, so the price is easier to control costs. In the pursuit of high efficiency at the same time, Amy watches still maintain its precise and meticulous handmade, assembly workshop watchmaker in the high-tech machine with the help, so that each hand expression to the flawless manpower fitting effect. Is so just right balance, so that the american table has been active in today’s world table altar.
First, look at the movement
Amy watch mechanical watch, all equipped with Swiss-made modern movement, which part of the Amy table self-movement. And some limited edition watches will also be with the historic movement of the classic. Each movement is equipped with the best quality parts, and after careful adjustment and improvement, so that the perfect play its function. The first production of their own movement, blend pillar and other traditional watchmaking elements and innovative tabulation technology, in 2006 today, for the development of Amy brand to create another peak.
It is understood that the United States and the United States for the general backpack, can see the movement. Movement of the grinding can also see true and false. Movement of the cost of grinding is very high, Amy watches expensive on your polished, if not polished movement, is certainly fake.

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Tissot Junya series simulation perpetual calendar watch appearance is still using the classic simple style

Tissot Junya series simulation perpetual calendar watch appearance is still using the classic simple style, and retro and modern elements into which the quality of the same eternal. Cutting-edge features in high-quality materials, and the use of activities of the strap and elegant case curve, to create a charming retro feelings. Then Tissot TISSOT Junya quartz watch T063.637.16.037.00 day of the standard
Tissot TISSOT Junya quartz watch T063.637.16.037.00 day of the standard
Date adjustment step
Step 1, pull the crown out to the second gear position, adjust the watch clock to 6 o’clock
Step 2, the crown back to the first gear position, the date adjusted to the previous day (for example, today is 18, the date transferred to 17)
Step 3, and then pull the crown to the second position, clockwise rotation crown. If you are in the morning to adjust, when the calendar jump to 18 days, the clock will be transferred to the local time, adjust the crown will be pushed back. If it is adjusted in the afternoon, in addition to the clock more than a turn, the other steps the same.
Many people who have just touched the watch, do not understand the type of imitation Cartier love bracelet watch. In the purchase do not know the kind of suitable for their own. For this watch home for these friends to introduce the classification and characteristics of the watch it!
Automatic mechanical watch
The oldest is the watch type, has a long history. It refers to the use of barrels to save the power of the watch. All the power of the starting from the winding force to send the power to the second of the car, three cars, four cars, five car (escapement wheel), the card and then to the balance wheel, and then the balance wheel reaction to the horse, so Its recovery before the location, so that the whole operation can be repeated for the cycle, continue to generate power. Mechanical watches can be divided into two kinds of hand chain and automatic winding.
Hand on the list: by moving the head, driven on the chain system, and then drive the winding on the chain.
Note: the first time on the chain when I first to the full chain, to see a few laps to be on the basis of the same way up to 8,9 points can be full, not over-chain, so as to avoid the winding fault.
Automatic winding list: the arm of the swing drive automatic disk swing back and forth, to achieve the effect of automatic tightening the winding.
Note: automatic table with reed device, so dissatisfied with the chain, when the watch stopped, as long as the last few laps to the winding can be, the rest of the hand to rely on the swing to achieve the effect of the chain.
Quartz quartz watch
This is the second generation of watches, refers to the watch using the battery and quartz oscillator to calculate and display the time, its movement is made by the quartz frequency, and now common can be divided into pointer quartz watch and digital quartz watch , The biggest feature is accurate, in the normal temperature range, the monthly error of about 15-20 seconds.
Quartz table is divided into:
Pointer quartz watch: the use of battery power to make Replica Cartier jewelry the quartz frequency, and then use the IC board in addition to frequency and control the coil and the magnet, so that it pushed the gear and turn the pointer, when the minute hand is basically driven by electricity.
Digital quartz watch: the basic principle and the pointer quartz watch the same, but it does not gear, and directly to the liquid crystal (LCD) to display the time.
Solar watch
Solar cells are made of extremely high purity silicon wafers, which have been treated to form two very thin layers. When sunlight or light is irradiated onto the surface of the wafer, light can be converted into photocurrent and Light voltage. Current from the high voltage of the solar battery to the low voltage of the watch battery to be charged. In order to prevent the solar cell into the watch the voltage is too high, the internal diode and resistor to act as a buffer in order to protect the watch battery and life.
Note: Check the course of course, is inevitable, the other to pay attention to, replace the battery must use plastic or bamboo tweezers folder, the use of metal tweezers easily lead to short circuit.
Casio PRO TREK series watch is a professional mountaineering table. The first appearance in 1994, now from the dial to the design, to the movement have been a significant evolution. In the market by sports enthusiasts! Then Casio PRO TREK series watch how to adjust the time? Let the watch home to tell you!
Casio PRO TREK series watch how to adjust the time
Casio PRO TREK watch adjustment time should press the mode key to return to the home time interface, and then press the adjust key to enter the time adjustment, the first flashing option is the time zone, we can choose the location of the time zone. If you worry about the solar cell is dead. Can be placed under the sun for a few hours!
The above is the Casio PRO TREK series of watches how to adjust the time of the method, I hope to help you.
Dituo watches are well-known watch brand Rolex’s sub-brand, with Rolex’s quality and close to the people’s price. Has been listed on the people by the welcome. Many friends in the use of Tuo Tuo watches do not know how to adjust the time of the watch, the following watch home to tell you how to adjust the time to Dita watch it!
Di Tuo tuning time and other watches are basically the same. Pull out the table to a buckle, adjust the calendar and the week, the general turn up the head is to adjust the calendar, go down to adjust the week and then pull a buck, is to adjust the time, watch the clock must turn clockwise. In order to make the date and time more accurate, usually the date and week ahead of a day and then clockwise rotation of the pointer, so that the calendar and the week automatically jump to the current date (this time is 0:00), and then adjust to the exact time.


Think of fake Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet and their solid gold Cartier nail bracelets replica in a variety of golds (Pink, White and Yellow) is probably the first thing that comes to mind. It is also probably the most Instagrammed piece of jewellery from this collection, but do you know that the collection is much more than just bracelets? In fact, the collection also includes earrings, Knockoff Cartier juste un clou necklaces and rings, and not only that, but some pieces come adorned with diamonds, diamonds and even more diamonds.


This April, the icon that is Juste un Clou just(e) got upsized. And by upsized, boy did it get really big. While previous interpretations of Juste un Clou’s necklaces were pretty much just a small nail dangling off a long chain, this time around, the nail has literally become the whole replica Cartier love necklace. Which is an engineering marvel of sorts if you think about it, since it has to be ‘opened’ for one to wear it, and yet still sit ever so beautifully on the collarbone when it’s ‘closed’.

Simply known as the Cheap Cartier Juste un Clou necklace, it comes in a variety of metals and sizes. And by sizes, it refers to the thickness of the necklace, the larger the size, the thicker the necklace. For example, there is the Small in Yellow Gold for those who prefer something more understated. Then there are 3 more in Large (i.e. thick) models that come in Pink, White and Yellow golds, with the Pink and Yellow ones adorned only with diamonds at its tips while the third in White gold comes fully paved with the most brilliant of stones.

Available from Cartier jewelry replica boutiques from April 2017, it is safe to say that Aldo Cipullo’s legacy is still well and truly alive with the French luxury jeweller, and with Cartier releasing these new renditions of their most iconic piece of jewellery that continually pushes the boundaries, you could say they’ve really nailed it with this one.

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Cartier had begun to produce fine jewelry in 1888; until then, the use of pocket jewelry was the prevailing fashion. Women's fine jewelry at that time were largely replica Cartier love bracelet. These jewelry were given further impetus with the arrival of Louis Cartier, eldest son of Alfred Cartier. Even while working on stunning jewelry and "objets d'art", Louis Cartier had always had a keen interest in jewelry...especially mystery clocks, high fashion fine jewelry, and jewelry...a style and tradition of jewelry that had not been seen in many years. Over the following years, accessory timepieces became more popular among women.

A significant boost came when he appointed Jeanne Toussaint as Artistic Director of High Replica Cartier Jewellery UK in 1933. Famous for her bold personal style, she was fondly known as "La Panthere" image that soon became a symbolic representation of Cartier. In fact, the panther was the first solo protagonist in all variations of Cartier's high jewelry - whether with gold or precious stones. As a symbol of luxury and extravagance, it is the very personification of "haute joaillerie".


Today, Cartier fake jewelry are recognized by their defining appearance of circles, diamond shapes and squares gem-set with precious stones. With graphic lines and flowing curves, the immediate feeling these jewelry create is one of blissful decadence. While there is a definite majority for panther pieces, there are also other jaw-dropping designs that hold their own. Given Cartier replica jewelry high standards, both in design and material, it goes without saying that the diamonds and gemstones used to create these beautiful pieces are of the highest quality and only those that match the desired specifications exactly are used.

Each of these masterpieces is at the pinnacle of luxury fake Cartier juste un clou bracelet and high Knockoff Cartier love bracelet real gold practices; a testament to the expertise of Cartier's master watchmakers and jewelers! Every year, Cartier creates new high jewelry with precious metals and stones...divine pieces that are exhibited at the SIHH for the world to fall in love with and wistfully covet.

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even if you found The spoon Cartier love bracelet replica

And immediately to the annual Christmas, and for the xx Christmas gifts do not know you are ready yet? Here to introduce you to Christmas creative gifts, let us look at the specific content of it! Lazy practical mixing cup Who saw my coffee spoon? How was the cream and sugar in the mix? In the absence of a spoon, the cup was ... and, more annoying was the guy who used the pencil directly as a stir bar, even if you found The spoon Cartier love bracelet replica, each time more than a spoon to wash people really crash. If there is such a lazy guy around, then you need him a clever program for him. Like the cup you see, it clever to help you get it all: stainless stirreced mug made of stainless steel, sealed lid can keep the coffee temperature, double insulation, hot, turn over as small Snack plate, now, just press the yellow mixing button, ha, a tornado-like whirlpool under your eyes formed, and instantly complete the mixture of cream, sugar and coffee. Super mute the motor, you will not hear any sound at all, it has finished its own work. Every minute three thousand high-speed, there is no such in the intensity of the stirring is not to get the Need for coffee. Packaging is very beautiful, stainless steel double cup body, feel quite good, very good taste of the office home good things. Otaku Artifact - Wash Set Have not tried to get up in the morning rush? Wash your teeth on the toilet always feel that time is not enough to use this to try this rinse artifact it! This gadgets set toothpaste tube, toothbrush holder, mouthwash cup in one, not only can hang two toothbrushes, and Into the toothpaste just after the toothbrush gently press, it will automatically squeeze out the toothpaste, but also has an upside down rinse cup, very convenient and easy to handle! Especially suitable for Cartier love ring replica office workers to use the small couple, get up in the morning, the province When effort, no wonder "Happy Camp" in Chen Xiaodong has recommended it for the otaku artifact! If you can put a fish tank in the big winter, look at what the eyes of the water more comfortable! Multifunctional electronic fish tank will be able to meet the many needs of the pro, which is not only a plug-in mini-fish tank, Calendar, clock alarm clock, pen and other functions, convenient storage, simple operation, especially for office family, raising a few small fish, from time to time for a water, watching seductive comfortable, with the function is also more practical. Multi-functional fish tank exquisite fashion, send loved ones, lovers are good Oh "Warm card" gift can always move people Cold and windy winter, any warm and detached items are always popular, if this item or from the lover's carefully selected, it is more moving people. Xiao Bian in a treasure search for "warm gift", jump out of hundreds of items, such as this audible music pillow. Baby with high quality pp cotton, there are angry birds, A civet cats, giant pandas and other styles, warm and comfortable feel good, the speaker's sound quality is also good, you can plug in the phone songs, in the dormitory or their own nest, hold Such a music pillow is particularly enjoyable. Mini warm air conditioning is also a popular winter Dongdong, this is similar to the size of the Apple phone heater made of high quality fireproof material, high temperature is not deformed, compact and easy to carry; plug after heating up quickly, heat efficient, energy saving Power saving, and with power protection, the temperature is too high will automatically power off, security Replica Cartier love bracelet protection; no radiation low energy consumption, but also with adjustable bracket, the user can adjust according to their own needs ... ... In short, this Small Dongdong is suitable for staying up late or late at night hard to read the sister, small and effective, usb interface, easy to use. Men, hurry for their own sister Amoy a bar!